11/21/22M Uptrend Good News! Nasdaq Holds above 50-day m.a. and 11,000

November 22, 2022

11/21/22M Uptrend  Good News! Nasdaq Holds above 50-day m.a.and 11,000

THE MARKET’s MESSAGE:  UPtrend holds above its 50-day line - a sign of Uptrend optimism.

Going into the Thanksgiving holiday week, expect volume to continue to be lighter than usual.. News is usually quieter as well.

It looks like Wall Street started its Thanksgiving holiday period last week. Note the lower Nasdaq volume and how the index (look at the Nasdaq chart over the last 5 days.

Are you concerned about the Nasdaq pullback last week? It was a fair reaction to an extraordinary 12.0% two week rise.

As expected, a quiet Monday.


Is it Time to Start your Annual Review?

This week can be a good time to step back and assess your portfolio positions over 2022. This annual end-of year examination of my investing actions and the results can identify mistakes and lessons learned that I do not want to forget.

Do you have a written list of your investing guidelines? When to buy? When to sell?  This can be agood time to start an update of your rules.

I know writing it all down can be tedious.  But my experience assures me, that time investment pays off well in the future.

BUT only write down the lessons learn from mistakes you do not want to repeat.


The current Accumulation/Distribution data is EXTRAORDINARY!!!!

I continue to be excited about the rise in the percent of  “A” and“B” rated stocks (stocks that are being heavily bought.) :

·      The “A” and “B” rated stock have risen from 38% to 55% in just 2 weeks showing a very strong market in serious dumping losing stocks and buying winning stocks..  


The stocks with attractive “A”and “B” ratings stays at a strong 56%. That means you could through darts at the current market and probably hit a winning stocks (although that is NOT my recommended buy strategy.)

 The MARKET FACTORS table (below)s

ummarize the current market strengths and direction.  GREEN (rising markets, etc.) win!


Wishing you a happy and safe holiday week.

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Thursday (Thanksgiving day) Markets are closed

Friday (half day of trading)  Open 9:30 a.m./Close 1:00 p.m.

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