12/07/22W Uptrend – Do you know where the Nasdaq is compared to 10 weeks ago?

December 8, 2022

12/07/22W  Uptrend – Do you know where the Nasdaq iscompared to 10 weeks ago?

THE MARKET’s MESSAGE:  Nasdaq and S&P500 indexes stay pinned between their50-day and 200-day lines, dropping overall.

In the Nasdaq’s last 9 trading days, only one day was a rising day. It was a very healthy 4.4% risebut was picked apart and undercut over the next 5 days.


In fact, if it feels like themarket hasn’t done much for you in the last 2 1/2 months, I am with you! Here’smy focus on just the Nasdaq over that time: In total…….BORING. Yes, there weresome nice rises, but the market has taken back all it has given us over thelast 10 weeks..

Perhaps this is the finalbottom and the market is ready to rally. But I don’t see the externalfinancial factors to predict that move, yet.  

So I advise some caution inyour investing. I am asking the market to “Show me the money” but it is notresponding yet.  


Winners are out there. TheAccumulation/Distribution table shows an extraordinary 56% of all stocks havestrong “A” or “B” ratings. (see that table later in this newsletter.)


Remember: CASH is a position.And in time of the market wandering sideways, if you can’t land winning stocks,cash is a good option.


The one thing NOT TO DO, is stop monitoring yourholdings. A quick daily review is crucial to catching market moves early.

As I step back and look at the whole MARKET FACTORStable, I see a lot of strength:

·      Accumulation v Distribution day count, Uptrendfor 32 days, Market accumulation “B” ratings for all the indexes.  

But weaknesses are showing up:

·      Count of Up and Down days in the last 10 daysis 3 Up days to 4 down days. Where are the other 3 days? They allmoved less than +/- 0.2%, a sign of market uncertainty.

See you tomorrow!

As I step back and look at the Nasdaq chart aboveand the whole MARKET FACTORS table, I see a lot of strength:

·      Market in Uptrend for 32 days,

·      Accumulation v Distribution day count is astrong 7 to 2.

·      Market accumulation “B” ratings for all theindexes.  

But weaknesses are showing up:

·      Count of Up and Down days in thelast 10 days is 3 Up days to 4 down days. Where are the other 3 days? They all movedless than +/- 0.2%, a sign of market uncertainty.

Focus on the last 9 tradingdays. It is not a pretty site.

In a healthy Downtrend,I would like to see rising days have lighter volume. That combinationmeans that the majority of market players are not buying, even though the pricehas risen.    


My analysis  ofthe Accumulation/Distribution data – It is still EXTRAORDINARY!!!!  The percent of stocks that are rising well (Aor B ratings) has been “over half” in the last 4 weeks.

STOCK WATCHING:  Catalyst Pharma  CPRX

NOTE:  On 12/6 I decided that CPRX was not going anywhereat the moment – probably not till its next earning statement. .  So I have stopped coverage.  It may be too small a player to get theattention it needs to attract additional investors. It was fun while it lastedand we didn’t lose much money if any.

>>>>I will NOTbe updating this stock’s story but will leave it on this newsletter until theweekend.

CPRX continues to dance around its breakout price. Ifit doesn’t take off by Friday, I will probably sell it. Its next earningsannouncement will be around March 15, 2022.

>>>> Have any ofyou found additional data or news about Catalyst Pharma I have missed?

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