2023-11-14T UPTREND Day 13 of latest Uptrend. TQQQ leaps 6.3% on Tuesday!

November 14, 2023

2023-11-14T  UPTREND Day 13 of latest Uptrend. TQQQ leaps 6.3% on Tuesday!

Although I am happy to see the Nasdaq rise 2.45% on Tuesday, the action was strong gains in all the major indexes:

>>>>>And the REALLY GOOD NEWS?  The Tripple QQQ (TQQQ) which I use in a rollicking market as we had in the last 2 weeks, has risen 30.9% as of Monday. Wow!

>>>>>Do you now see why I ride the TQQQ when the trend is strong?

Please consider using the TQQQ (triple QQQ) in a strong (and even moderate) uptrend like the current market.  I am not complaining about their small 1.1% Monday rise.  (Did I really call 1.1% “small”?  I think the Triples are spoiling me!  

But you’ll owe mea bit pat on the back when you look at the year-to-date rises in the TQQQ. Yes! Rub your eyes to make sure you are seeing correctly…..

The TQQQ is up 148.2% this year!

Your next question should be, “How long with this Uptrend continue?”

And if you have read my newsletter for several months, you know my response, “This Uptrend will continue until…… it doesn’t”

That simply means, it is YOUR responsibility to look at this newsletter (at least a quick glance at the headline) each day. BUT ONLY DO THAT….. if you want to grab the big gains and miss much of the corrections.    

It helps me to watch the TQQQ and QQQ charts. Yes, they look a lot alike. But the TQQQ can be less predictable.

Because the TQQQ is designed to move about 3 times (UP and DOWN) the moves of the QQQ. I’m sure you can see the similarities of the two charts.

Even on a slower day, I would rather hold the TQQQ in an Uptrend.

Why do I also watch the Accumulation/Distribution ratings? Their day-to-day changes sometimes warn me about underlying weakness creeping into the market.  Today, the Accumulation ratings (the “A” and “B”ratings) are rising.  I confirm that rise by looking at the sum of the stocks with “A” and “B” ratings in the rightmost column.

Remember, most indexes fall faster than they rise.

And : I do not know how to get in at the bottom  or out at the top. I just  get closer than most.

We don’t know it’s a top until after we have ridden the market down for a bit. The market top can be very clear in a review mirror.

But I get closer to the turning points than most.  

I Repeat: If you had gotten IN at the beginning of the year and out at the March low you would have been UP about 20%which alone is a pretty good year. But I hope you would have stayed around and considered getting back in as the TQQQ broke to a new high.

Today’s Nasdaq closing price was not only the highest price on the 20-day table, but I had to look back 14 weeks to find a higher Nasdaq close.


Look below at the MARKET FACTOR, COUNTS & RATINGS table for more encouraging news.

Stay tuned!    Those birds just aren’t going anywhere!

REMEMBER: _____EVEN IF CASH IS A VALID POSITION,…with a fast rising market, you should consider holding a position that allows you to position your portfolio to rise with the market (or a multiple of it.) Stay tuned!    Those birds just aren’t going anywhere!

One additional “Word to the Wise”…

>>>>>--- MOST MARKETS FALL FASTER THAN THEY RISE. Beware of buying any new position unless they are very healthy.

Please send questions, comments, suggestions,ideas and requests to:   My text message account at (214) 995-6702.

Wishing you, “Many Happy Returns.”

Charlotte  Hudgin,The Armchair Investor,                                              

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