2023-11-28T UPTREND Day 19. TQQQ is UP 157% this year!

November 28, 2023

2023-11-28T UPTREND Day 19. TQQQ is UP 157% this year!

In a profitable year, extending a holiday weekend such as around Thanksgiving, is common. Monday’s lighter volume confirmed that not all the big payers were back online. I expect them to get back in action over the next few days.

And they have a good reason to take it easy – the Nasdaq has worked hard for us this year. Add in the impact of using the triple QQQ (TQQQ) and I am darned pleased with the 155% you would have earned this year. And I didn’t make that much – I didn’t play the TQQQ for the whole year.

The “single” ETFs are enjoying the rising market.

HERE’S YOUR BIG WINNER TODAY, THE TQQQ, AGAIN, up an amazing 156.6% this year. And is still rising.

Note on the Stock Charts.com chart below, the TQQQ has had a great year.

The chart below is as a of Monday.Note the TQQQ continued its 5 week rise with a Tuesday growth of  0.34% (barely noticeable on the chart, so I kept Monday’s chart in tonight’s newsletter since I got a late start after a Rotary Club project went late.

The market is getting healthier-  as I see in the Accumulation/Distribution table later in this newsletter. The sum of the stocks with “A” and ”B” ratings has risen from 21% of the stocks over $5 to 57% over the last 12 weeks. (see the ACCUMULATION/DISTRIBUTION table later in this newsletter.

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