2024-01-23T The TQQQ rose 20.0% in the last 12 days. But look what the QQQ has done in the last 3 months

January 24, 2024

Here are the highlights of today's Armchair Investor newsletter.

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BOTTOM LINE: The TQQQ has risen for 10 of the last 12 days for a total of  +20.0%

Yes…. The GAP UP after a 4 month dip.Although not all gap-ups continue to rise, they have the statistics on their side.

What is fascinating to me is the similarity of the singe and triple charts.

Of course, the big difference is the TQQQ pays off about 3 times the QQQ. And remember,…. When the market turns down, the TQQQ drops about 3 times as fast as the QQQ.

Compare the two charts in this newsletter. (TQQQ above and QQQ below.) You might mistake either one for the other if you didn’t look at the prices. The fact that the TQQQ does such a good job of mimicking the QQQ (and has for quite a while) gives me confidence in buying the bigger returns of the TQQQ.

>>>>The big difference between the 2 ETFs is that the TQQQ, when bought and sold at the right times,makes me close to 3 times the QQQ.

So relax and lean back…. And enjoy the bigger gains of proper buying and selling of the TQQQ.  

When you compare the QQQ above to theTQQQ (Triple Qs) chart below, you will wish you had been in the TQQQ if youweren’t.

Yes. The TQQQ is outperforming therising QQQ.  

>>>The TQQQ rises and fallsabout 3 times faster than the single ETF, the QQQ.

You cannot ignore what the triples aredoing! (unless you are willing to accept a smaller return in the QQQ.)


Check in on the TQQQ at least every 2or 3 hours…. just to be sure it isn’t failing. A quick peak doesn’t take long.

NOTE: At some point, someday, the TQQQwill fail.  I would rather get out earlythan late and risk a bigger loss.

If Isell the TQQQ because it is price is dropping, I can go to cash or the inverse asappropriate index to protect my capital,

If the ETF resumes upward progress, I can always get backin.

NOTE: The nice thing about the TQQQ is that it really canmake a lot of money for me when it is rising. But it can quickly loose those gains if I am not paying attention.  Note the TQQQ fell a lot harder than the QQQover the same timeframe.

How long does it take to look at the current price chart?Just a wink if you have it set up on your phone or computer.

ASSIGNMENT:Calculate the return on the TQQQ since the January low.  YOU ARE WELCOME!

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Charlotte Hudgin

The Armchair Investor.

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